What is Enchant AI

Enchant AI is an add-on that brings the power of artificial intelligence to your customer communications.

Insights gathered from multiple data sources

By leveraging a sophisticated training process that draws insights from multiple data sources, Enchant AI develops a nuanced understanding of your business and domain.

This is no generic AI. It's purpose built to accelerate customer communications.

Learn more about AI data sources.

Insights power AI features

Enchant AI's insights are used to power:

  • AI Writer, which assists your team formulate natural sounding responses to customer messages. Learn more.

  • AI Translate, which handles bidirectional translation so your team can answer questions from customers anywhere in the world. Learn more.

  • AI Summarize, which creates short summaries of long conversations, perfect when handing over a conversation to another team mate. Learn more.

Current status & pricing

Enchant AI is currently available as two tiers:

  • Enchant AI Starter: available to all Enchant users, ideal for for occasional use.

  • Enchant AI Standard: available as an add-on with expanded usage limits.

Enchant AI is available at no cost to all customers as part of a public BETA.

Pricing will be announced in the future.

How to enable Enchant AI Starter

If you're an Enchant user, you already have access to Enchant AI Starter. Nothing special needs to get done.

How to enable Enchant AI Standard

To enable Enchant AI Standard, head to the billing tab and click the checkbox beside Enchant AI Standard.

Privacy and security

Any data you provide for training Enchant AI will only be used to train models that are used in your Enchant account. The data will not be used to train models used by other teams or to train shared models. When we do send data to a third party (like OpenAI), we will have agreements in place to ensure your data is not being used by the third party for training their models.