Using AI Writer to automatically draft responses

CURRENT STATUS: Enchant AI is available to all customers as part of public BETA.

AI Writer is a component of Enchant AI that assists your team by generating fast, accurate, and natural-sounding draft responses to incoming customer messages.

To use this AI feature, look for the AI Writer button under actions in your reply box:

Writing a response from scratch

AI Writer uses your configured AI data sources (i.e. your knowledge base, past conversations, etc) and composes a response to the questions in the customer's email. To use this feature, open the reply box and click the AI Writer button, and watch it write a response for you. You'll see a spinner in the bottom right of the reply box while the AI writer is working.

Once, the AI is done generating the response, you'll be able review it, make any changes or additions before sending it to the customer.

Expanding phrases or points into full sentences

In a situation where a customer is asking a specific question that cannot be answered with generic information from the AI data sources, you can still use AI Writer to speed you up by providing hints to the AI.

To give specific hints and instructions to AI Writer, write up short phrases in the reply box and highlight them, then click the AI Writer button. In this case, AI Writer will replace the highlighted phrases with fully expanded sentences using those points.

Improves automatically

AI Writer is constantly learning from your team's actions. If you're using the conversations data source, AI writer will automatically get smarter over time, without you having to put any effort into training.


AI Writer is currently available at no additional cost with some daily usage limits.

Pricing will be announced in the future.


I pressed the button but nothing happened: This is usually because:

  • There's nothing to reply to. Instead of testing on an old ticket where your team has already responded, test on a fresh incoming email where the customer asked a question but a human hasn't responded yet.

  • There's insufficient information to formulate a useful response. Is there any content in the configured knowledge base? Is there relevant content that would actually answer the customer question?