Receiving a phone call

Once you have added a call channel to Enchant, you can make and receive calls in Enchant.

When an incoming call comes to the provisioned number, a ticket is created in Enchant and users in Enchant can answer the call. As a new call is comes in, you will hear a ringing and the live icon on the top right corner of the screen will be shown in red color.

  • If no one is available for calls, the call is routed straight to voicemail.

  • If one or more users are available for calls, the system will ring all users of the inbox to notify them about the call.

  • If no one answers the call within the maximum wait time, it will be sent to voicemail.

Click on the icon to open the live tab, and then click on a call.

You can also access the new call ticket from your folders. Both incoming and outgoing calls will show up in the folders (provided they meet the folder's conditions) with a live icon in red.

Clicking on this ticket from a folder or from live tab will open the ticket that represents the call.

For an inbound call, you can simply click Accept to answer the call.

The system will first get you on the line and then connect you to the customer.

Once you join the call, the call ticket will be assigned to you to your team can see who's handling the call.

Answering calls from browser or external device

You can choose to accept call via your browser or an external phone number. Read more here on how to change your preference.

Ending the call

Once you join the call, the ticket will show an End Call button.

If you're answering from an external device, you can also end call by hanging up on your external phone.

Requirements to receive a call

  • You must have a call channel associated with an inbox

  • You must be a member of the inbox

  • You must be online/available for the inbox. To be online for calls but not chat, see the new Availability page under user preferences.