Understanding call queues

Calls are represented as tickets in Enchant.

A call ticket will be queued in the inbox it's associated with.

Every inbox provides it's own call queue

Since every inbox has its own queue, multi-department call centers are implemented using multiple inboxes. If a single inbox has more than one call channel, all call channels for that inbox will share the inbox's call queue.

Some options are configurable from Call Center settings of the inbox:

  • Max size of the call queue

  • Max time a customer can wait in the call queue

If a customer exceeds the wait time or if the call queue is full, the customer is automatically routed to voicemail.

When is Enchant ringing for a user

An unanswered call ticket will only ring users within the inbox it's associated with.

If a ticket is unassigned, it rings all users in an inbox that are available for calls.
If a ticket is assigned to a specific user, it only rings that user.