Single Sign On

With Single Sign On, users in your Enchant account can login to Enchant by authenticating through an external identity provider.

Enchant currently supports Single Sign On (SSO) via Google Workspace and SAML. Through SAML, Enchant can connect to Azure Entra ID (previously known as Azure AD), Okta, Auth0, OneLogin and other SAML capable identity providers.

Note: Single Sign On is available as part of the Advanced Security add-on.

Additional documentation:

Force Single Sign On

Once Single Sign On is enabled on an account, an additional "Log In via SSO" option is available on the login in screen which takes the use through the Single Sign On login flow:

If all your users can login via the identity provider, it's possible to configure Enchant to skip the login screen altogether and send all users directly to the identity provider for authentication.

Head to Settings -> Company (Authentication) -> Single Sign On (Change Settings).
Click the checkbox beside Force SSO Login to set it to Yes.