Working with customer profiles

Each ticket in the system is linked to a customer profile. When looking at a ticket, the profile provides helpful context like internal notes, contact information, recent tickets (open/held ones in bold) and quick access to communication history.

In the example above:

  • The team has shared a note on the profile (loyal customer with significant twitter following).
  • The customer has an additional open ticket (with the subject when will you get more). Clicking the subject will open a ticket preview.
  • Additional custom data from the company's internal systems (about recent orders) is loaded into the profile in real time. .

Communication history

All previous and on-going tickets associated with a customer can be accessed via the view history link on the profile, without ever leaving the ticket you are working on.

Updating the customer profile

Most fields on the customer profile are clickable and can be edited in place:

Merging customer profiles

Sometimes duplicate profiles get created, such as when a customer has multiple tickets opened with different email addresses. In these situations, you can merge the profiles together: