Improve productivity with macros

Macros can be used to perform multiple actions with a single click. For example, a password instructions macro can:

  • Send an email with password reset instructions

  • Add a Password label so the team can track how often they get such requests

  • Update the state of the ticket to Closed

Managing macro configuration

Add and update macros from the settings tab.

From the bottom left corner of the screen, click the cog icon on app navigation bar.

From the sidebar on the left, click on Inboxes option under the Product section:

For a specific inbox, click on Macros

Applying a macro on tickets

Macros can be run on a single ticket from the action bar or on multiple tickets from the action bar on the folders page. Learn more about using macros here.

Select from the list of macros. You can also start typing the name of the macro to narrow down the list and select from a list of matching options.

Creating a new macro

From the top right of the macros page, click the Add Macro button.

Here, you can name the macro and setup actions

Adding Actions

Add actions by clicking Add a new action

Each action allows you to select the values from the inbox it belongs to. For example if you choose action "remove labels", when you click the Select button, you'll see the same label selector from ticket interface with all the labels in the inbox.

Currently, macro actions can:

  • Set the state

  • Assign or un-assign the ticket

  • Update subject

  • Add a label

  • Remove a label

  • Clear all labels

  • Add a user to followers

  • Remove a user from followers

  • Remove all followers

  • Send a reply using a canned response

  • Add a note using a canned response

  • Start a draft reply using a canned response

  • Start a draft note using a canned response

  • Mark ticket as spam

  • Send ticket to trash

  • Move ticket to another inbox