Setting up signatures

Enchant signatures are split into two parts:

  • Channel signature: for team/department specific portions

  • User signature: for user specific portions

Signatures can be set up from inbox's channel settings page. From the bottom left corner of the screen, click the cog icon on app navigation bar. Signatures are supported only for email channels at this time.

From the sidebar on the left, click on Inboxes option under the Product section:

Then, click on the name of the specific inbox you're trying to setup from the inbox listing on the right.

Each channel under the inbox has its own signature. Select the desired channel from the listing for the inbox.

Signature field is located under General section of the channel page. If your team uses a standard signature for a the selected channel, this is where it would go. Additionally, user signatures are enabled using special placeholders in the inbox signature.

Users can define their personal signatures using their preferences in the profile settings.

Placeholders in signatures

Inbox signatures support the following user placeholders:

  • {{user.name}}: The full name of the user writing the reply

  • {{user.first_name}}: The first name of the user writing the reply

  • {{user.last_name}}: The last name of the user writing the reply

  • {{user.first_initial}}: First initial of the user writing the reply

  • {{user.last_initial}}: Last initial of the user writing the reply

  • {{user.id}}: A unique identifier for the user, useful when creating links that integrate with external systems.

  • {{user.signature}}: The user's personal signature is inserted where this is placed. When this placeholder is not used, user personal signatures are effectively disabled.

Inbox signatures also support the following ticket placeholders:

  • {{ticket.id}}: A unique identifier for the ticket, useful when creating links that integrate with external systems

  • {{ticket.number}}: The ticket number as seen within Enchant. Use this to provide a reference number to your customers

Once you upload your logo to your website, you can include it in your signature using the Image via URL button:

And here's an example of what a signature with a logo would look like when writing a reply:

Including a ticket number for reference

The ticket number has it's own placeholder. You can include it in the signature like this:


Your reference number is: #{{ticket.number}}

Multi brand signatures

In a multi-brand setup, each inbox represents a different brand and would be setup with a brand specific signatures like so:


Brand Inc