Building ticket queues with smart folders

Folders represent a collection of tickets that meet certain conditions. They update in real time as your team works through the tickets and can be used to implement custom work queues.

Managing folder configuration

Add and update folders in the admin area.

From the top right of the navigation bar, click the cog icon.

Click on Inboxes

For a specific inbox, click on Folders

Create a new folder

From the top right of the folders tab, click the Add Folder button.

From here, you're able to name the folder and modify the configuration to meet your needs.

In the above screenshot:

  • Name: The name of the folder to be used in the ticketing interface.
  • Filters: The conditions that specify which tickets are included in the folder.
  • Sorting: This controls the order of the tickets in the folder.
  • Visible To: Controls which users the folder is visible to

Working with filters

A folder has multiple filters. Only tickets which pass all filters are included in a folder. A ticket passes a filter if it passes any of the options within it.

Let's look at some examples:

All open tickets

Open tickets that are assigned to John

Open or held tickets that are assigned to John or Sally

Enchant supports filters on the following ticket attributes:

  • Assignee: is assigned to a user
  • State: is open, hold or closed
  • Type: is an email, chat, phone, twitter or web based ticket
  • Label: has a specific label or a label of a specific color
  • Time: was created or updated within a certain date range

The system also handles negative filters. A negative filter excludes matching tickets. Let's look at some examples:

Open tickets that are assigned to anyone but John

Open or held tickets that have a red label but not the Emergency label

Unsolved Emergencies

Changing the order of your folders

All users see folders in the same order. You can change the order of the folders by dragging the sort bar icon on the folder listing.

Copying a folder

Sometimes you need to create a folder that's very similar to another. Rather than creating it from scratch, you can start by cloning another from the folder listing.

Temporarily hide a folder

Folders can easily be disabled from the folder listing. A disabled folder is not visible to any users.

Make a folder only visible to some users

Folders can be made visible to specific users. All users see the folders in the same order. This helps ensure consistency when training new staff.

Archived tickets

Archived tickets aren't included in folders, which helps keep folders snappy. Archived tickets are still accessible through search and customer histories.