Using AI Writer to draft responses

CURRENT STATUS: Enchant AI is available at no additional cost as part of public BETA.

AI Writer is a component of Enchant AI that helps you write natural-sounding responses to incoming customer messages.

You can type in just a few phrases and use AI Writer to expand your words into sentences. Or use AI Writer to change tone or check for any mistakes in a fully written response before sending it.

Look for the AI Writer button under actions in your reply box:

To use this AI feature, type up your initial phrases or critical information that you want to convey. Then select from a list of ready-to-go options to transform your text.

  • Make it shorter: rewrite the response to be more concise and have fewer words

  • Make if longer: take agent's input and turn it into fully formed meaningful sentences while adding more details

  • Make it friendly/professional: change the tone of the response to be more friendly or professional

  • Check Spelling & Grammar: check and correct any spelling and grammar mistakes

  • Translate: Use this to translate a response you've written to one of 20+ languages

  • Make it better: this is easy option that takes care of everything for you in one click. It is designed to take any necessary steps from fixing spelling/grammar issues to making sure the sentences are clear and formed as a response to the customer's message

Pro Tip: By default, AI Writer works on the entire response in the compose window. If you only want assistance with part of the text, simply highlight the text before clicking on the AI Writer button.

See More Usage Tips here.

Once you select a type of transformation, a AI Writer popup window will be shown.

For language translation, you will be able to target the language before the AI begins the work.

On this window. you can watch and read as AI Writer is working on your response. When the text generation is completed, you can click Replace Text to insert it in the compose window.

Back in the compose window, you can make any final changes or additions before sending it to the customer.