AI Translate

CURRENT STATUS: Enchant AI is available at no additional cost as part of public BETA.

AI Translate enables agents to translate incoming messages from customers into their preferred language and translate outgoing responses back into the customer's language.

This allows your team to have clear and efficient communication across language barriers without needing to use external tools.

Translate existing messages

To translate an existing message, open the More actions menu on the top right of the message and select Translate option.

A pop window will open up. Select the language that you're trying to translate the message to and click the Translate button.

Once the message has been translated, the translated version will be shown in place of the original language. You can view the original message again by clicking the 'X' button to the right side on the translation bar.

Once a message has been translated it is saved with the message for future usage. All existing translations can be viewed at using the same More actions menu.

Translate replies before sending

While composing a response to the customer, you can use AI Writer to translate the draft message to customer's preferred language.

Note: the message must be translated BEFORE clicking the Send button.

Select the desired language on the AI Writer popup window and click Translate button.

When the translation is completed, click Replace Text to insert it your draft.

Back in the compose window, you can make any final changes or additions before sending it to the customer.