Handling spam and unwanted tickets

Spammers gonna spam! But keeping your inbox free of unwanted spam emails is easy with Enchant's built in spam filtering. Automatic spam filtering can be turn on/off separately for each inbox.

To turn on spam filtering for an inbox in Enchant, go to Settings tab. From the Inboxes page, select the specific inbox.

You can find the spam filtering for this inbox, on the General page. Click the "On" option under the Spam Filtering field on the right side.

How spam filtering works

When spam filtering is enabled for the first time, the system will go through existing emails in the inbox to create initial training data. Enchant's spam filtering uses no external data. It learns from your team's actions in real time.

Any new emails coming into the system are then evaluated for spammyness and marked as spam automatically if they are similar to previously identified spam.

If your team marks a ticket as spam, the system will learn that similar emails are spammy.
If your team marks a ticket as not-spam, the system will learn that similar emails are not spammy.

The spam filter is most effective when your team is managing email properly:

  • Spam should not be closed or trashed, it should be marked as spam.

  • Legitimate emails should be closed or trashed, not marked as spam

Mark a ticket as spam

Event with auto spam filtering, sometimes an unwanted ticket can still show up in your inbox. A user can mark such a ticket as spam by selecting the Mark As Spam option from the More menu on the top action bar. This option is also available from folder page, so you can mark multiple tickets as spam in bulk.

A spammed ticket will show the reason why it was spammed. For example, it will tell you whether the system automatically spammed it or if a user marked it as spam. All spam tickets can viewed in the Spam folder from left sidebar on the folder page.

Spam Folder

Sometimes a genuine ticket could end up in spam folder, so it is a good idea to check the spam folder on a regular basis. Spam tickets stay in the system for 30 days before they are cleaned up.

You can mark the ticket as Not Spam using the top action bar to bring it back into your active workflow. Enchant's spam filtering will learn from this for the next time a similar email is received.

Dealing with contact form spam

Enchant has special handling of spam coming in via contact forms.

To ensure the system can properly identify emails generated by your contact form, make sure you follow the recommended method of configuring your contact form.