Happiness Report

This report gives you an insight into customer happiness. It uses data from the satisfaction ratings that you receive from your customers.

Ratings are a great feedback loop that allows you to make sure that you're meeting customers' expectations.


The first section here gives you a breakdown of ratings you've received over the selected reporting period. The percentage distribution helps you see how many those ratings were Great, Okay, or Not Good.

To the right of the pie chart, you can see the information represented as numbers. It also shows how the customer satisfaction ratings compare against the previous time period. At the bottom of the numbers, it shows how many total ratings were received during this time.

The next section shows an interactive line chart with number and breakdown of ratings received over smaller chunks of time. When you hover over a point in time, it shows you how many ratings and what type of ratings were received during that time.

Ratings and Comments

This section lets you drill down in to the details. Each row shows represents a rating that was received along with the following information:

  • Number: ticket number with a link to the ticket
  • User: name of the user who's response was rated
  • Customer: name of the customer who rated the response
  • Rating: type of rating received, smileys that represent Great, Okay or Not Good
  • Comment: optional rating comment from the customer

Pro Tip: Use ticket number links to drill down to see the actual conversation that led to this rating, Or click on a user name to see the happiness report for just that user's ratings.

See Happiness Report for a specific User

From the above Ratings and Comments section, you can click on any user's name to see the entire happiness report based on just that user's ratings. This allows you to identify if any particular user needs more training. You can use this to implement a monthly rewards program for users who are doing a stellar job or to keep team motivated with some healthy competition.