Tickets in the folder view

folders represent a collection of tickets that meet certain conditions. They can be customized to fit your workflow and update in real time as your team works through the tickets.

Folder display styles

Folders use the Minimal display style by default, to keep things light. This can be changed to the Full (detailed) style as a per-user setting:

The Minimal display style uses a compact representation of ticket attributes:

Breaking this down:

  • Source: Email
  • Customer: Jacob
  • # public replies: 6
  • State: Open (also could be H for Hold or C for Closed)
  • Assignee: MH (this is an abbreviated user name)
  • Ticket Number: #93
  • Labels: The Feature Request request label is on the ticket
  • Attachments: This ticket has attachments

The full display style shows the same information, but without abbreviations:

Bulk actions

From folder listings, actions can be performed on multiple tickets in a single click.