Using your knowledge base

Once a knowledge base is added to an account, it can be accessed from the top right of the main navigation bar via the book icon.


The search bar is available anywhere in the knowledge base interface. Search for articles by typing any combination of words that appear in the article body or name.


On all knowledge base pages, breadcrumbs are shown under the search bar.

They contain up to 3 parts: the knowledge base, the category, and the section. In the above screenshot:

  • Knowledge Base: Enchant
  • Category: Help Desk
  • Section: Using Tickets

Viewing an article on the website

If your knowledge base has a public website enabled and the article is marked as published, a View button is shown on the top right of the article page. This takes you directly to the article on your public website.


The knowledge base website caches content to keep things snappy. It takes a few minutes for article or configuration changes to take effect on the public websites.