Options for sending emails from Enchant

Enchant can either send email through it's own servers or through your SMTP servers. Email sending options are located inside the Inbox settings.

Once, you save your custom SMTP server setting, you can use Test Connection button in the bottom of the form to check if we're able to connect using the credentials you provided.

Improve deliverability of outbound emails

If sending through Enchant's email servers, we recommend adding an SPF record to your domain's DNS settings that says that we'll be sending email on your behalf. Specifically, add the following TXT record:

SPF Entry
v=spf1 include:enchanthq.net ~all

Adding the following CNAME entries for DKIM record to your domain's DNS settings will also ensure higher deliverability.

DKIM Entry #1
Host: enchant1._domainkey.your-domain.com
Value: enchant1.dkim.enchanthq.net

DKIM Entry #2
Host: enchant2._domainkey.your-domain.com
Value: enchant2.dkim.enchanthq.net

Once the records are set up, you can refresh the Sending/Receiving settings page for the Inbox, to see make sure that the records are set up correctly. The status (pass or fail) will be shown under the Deliverability field:

Keep an archive of outgoing emails

When you send via custom SMTP, many services (gmail, for example), will automatically keep an archive of outgoing emails.

If your mail server is not keeping an automatic archive, Enchant can be configured to BCC outgoing emails to an address of your choice. This option is available in the Auto BCC section of the Sending/Receiving settings for your inbox. It can be used to create your own backup of all outbound emails from Enchant.