AI Summarize

CURRENT STATUS: Enchant AI is available at no additional cost as part of public BETA.

AI Summarization feature transforms a long conversation into condensed summary that captures the essential information and key points of the interaction.

Instead of manually reading through lengthy back and forth, an agent can quickly glance at the summarized content to grasp the problem and reduce their time to respond. This can be quite useful when handing over a ticket to another agent or department. Managers can also use it for quality assurance or training purposes.

To generate AI summary for a ticket, open the More menu from the top action bar and select the AI Summarize option.

AI Summaries are shown on top the the ticket before the messages. Once a summary is generated, it is visible to anyone on the team who has access to the ticket.

Note: Any scheduled messages or drafts are excluded from the AI summary.

You can summarize a conversation in any language, but the summary is always generated in English at this time.

As the conversation goes on, you can use the Update Summary link to quickly update the previously generated summary to include any new messages that were added to the conversation.

Remember even with latest LLM models, AI can make mistakes while generating the summary. If something doesn't seem right, please review original conversation to ensure accuracy and relevance.