Input Formatting Options (Rich WYSIWYG vs Legacy Markdown)

Enchant supports two input formatting options throughout the product:

  • Rich (WYSIWYG style) - what you see is what you get

  • Legacy (Markdown style) - a modified form of markdown

Both formatting options support the following:

  • bold and italic text

  • plain links and named links

  • inline images (via URL or via attachment)

  • code blocks

  • quoted text blocks

Note: there's no control over font size or color. There's also no control over alignment (left/right/justified). Availability of inline images depends on specific usage in the product.

Rich (WYSIWYG style)

This is the default option available for all customers. It works on a what-you-see-is-what-you-get model.

Rich input formatting supports common keyboard shortcuts:

  • CTRL+B or CMD+B for bold

  • CTRL+I or CMD+I for italic

It also supports some automatic markdown-like keyboard helpers:

  • ** : when ** is typed around a word, to bold the word (eg: **word**)

  • _ : when _ is typed around a word, to italic the word (eg: _word_)

  • > : to start a quoted text block

  • ``` : on a line by itself, to start a code block

  • ` : when typed around a word, for an inline code block (eg: `word`)

Legacy (Markdown style)

Rich input formatting requires a modern browser. However, for scenarios where rich input formatting is not working properly, Legacy input formatting is available as a fallback.

Legacy input formatting provides much of the same functionality, but you will see formatting codes while typing. And you will need to click a Preview button to actually see what the final output will look like.

Switching between input formatting styles

A team can have a mixture of some users on Rich input formatting and some users on Legacy input formatting.

To switch between formats, head to your user preferences, where you'll find this setting: