Installing the widget on your website

To install the widget on your website, you need to get the widget embed code from the help center configuration and paste it anywhere into the <body> tag on your website.

From the top right of the navigation bar, click the cog icon.

Click on Messengers:

Click on the name of your help center to open up the help center settings.

Scroll down to the Embed Code field. Click on the Click to show link to display the embed code.

Copy the embed code that is displayed and paste it anywhere into the <body> of your website.


If the messenger is not loading on your site after you've pasted the embed code:

  • Try to force refresh the page: On windows, that's CTRL-F5 and on a Mac that's CMD+R
  • Ensure the page has a valid HTML5 DocType: The HTML file should start with: <!DOCTYPE html>
  • Reach out for help: If the messenger is still not loading, reach out to our support team for additional assistance