Formatting article content

The article editor consists of two sections: the left side is the main content body and a sidebar on the right from where you can update attributes of the article.

In Enchant, article content is structured using blocks that can be rearranged. There are four kinds of basic blocks: Paragraph, Heading, Image & Step.

Working with blocks

Add a block by dragging it from the side bar:

When you hover over a block, a context menu will appear on the left. From here, you can rearrange a block, remove a block or access it's settings.

To rearrange a block, grab the drag bar in the context menu that appears on hover:

To remove a block, click the trash icon:


Paragraphs are used for basic text content. Enchant uses codes similar to markdown for formatting:


As the name suggests, heading blocks are used to add section titles. They come in two sizes which can be selected via the settings button.


An image block says a thousand words. Add an image to your article by dragging n dropping onto the image block or by clicking the Upload Image button.

You can also change the uploaded image by dragging n dropping or by using the settings drop down on top left of the image block.


Creating step by step instructions is super easy in Enchant. A step is a numbered block that contains other basic blocks.

Steps can also be changed to show bullets instead of numbers.

Preview the article

While editing an article, you can use the Preview button at the bottom to see how the formatted content would look on your knowledge base.

Article attributes

From the sidebar, you can change the following attributes:

  • Section: Move an article to any section in any category in your knowledge base.
  • Directory: Unlisted articles are not part of section listings but are still available via search or direct links.
  • Status: Work on your article in draft status until you're ready to share it with your customers.