Recording phone calls

With Enchant, you can keep recordings of your calls for training and quality purposes.

Calls can either be manually recorded on a per-call basis or Enchant can be configured to record all calls automatically.

What is recorded?

The recording is made from the perspective of the customer. Everything they say and everything they hear will be recorded.

If the customer cannot hear it, it is not being recorded. Things that are not recorded:

  • When the customer is on hold and multiple users are talking to each other

  • When call whispering is being used by a user to whisper into the ear of a another user

Call recordings are dual-channel, which means that one side is the customer's voice and the other side is the company's voice.

How to record calls on demand

To manually record a call that is in progress, click the record button:

When the recording is in progress, the color of the icon will be red. If you click the record button while a recording is in progress, the recording will be paused.

How to record all calls automatically

From the Call Center settings inside Inbox settings. From here, you can enable Automatic call recording. Here, all incoming and outgoing calls with automatically be recorded.

Note that even if call recording is configured to be automatic, a user can stop a recording by clicking the record button during a call.

How to access call recordings

When the call ends, the recording will be attached to the ticket as an mp3 file. From here, you can click to listen to it, or download it.

If a ticket is permanently deleted, any recording attached to it will also be deleted.

When recording calls, you take responsibility to ensure compliance with any applicable laws and regulations, including those regarding obtaining consent to record.

Examples of some laws:

  • United States: Federal Wiretap Law

  • Canada: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

  • California: Invasion of Privacy Act

  • EU: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • AU: Telecommunications Act

Note: this information is not legal advise. We recommend consulting with your legal counsel in regards to any calls you intend to record using Enchant.