Integrating Enchant with Basecamp Campfire

There are two parts to this process:

  1. Create a chatbot in Basecamp Campfire. This will provide you a Chatbot URL

  2. Install the Campfire app in Enchant and provide it the Chatbot URL

Create a chatbot in Basecamp Campfire


Click the "..." option on the right menu of your Campfire. Click Configure chatbots


Click Add a new chatbot


In the name field type Enchant.

Download this logo file (also available as a zip file).

Click Upload an avatar and upload the logo.

Once done, click Add this chatbot


Click the text that says "Send line from this integration to campfire..."

... and that will open up a panel with a Chatbot URL that you will paste later into Enchant

Install the Campfire app in Enchant


Go to the Apps section in Enchant's settings.


Click on Campfire and click Install


Give the app a name that represents the campfire room you will be sending updates into.

Paste the Chatbot URL that you got from Campfire.

Select what inboxes you want this app to be applicable to and what kind of events you want to send to Campfire.