Special User Forward

Sometimes you may receive an email that isn't sent to an email address that forwards to Enchant and automatically create a ticket. Here's a way that you can get it into Enchant cleanly with the customer based on the original sender of the email.

Just forward the email to your inbox address (help@ or support@ ..) which will send it to Enchant. Enchant has special handling for emails when all the following conditions are met:

  • The from address matches a user login account

  • The subject starts with FW or Fwd

  • We're able to successfully parse out the original sender from the body (this depends on the email client you used to forward)

Enchant will create a ticket associated with the customer's email address. Then you' reply from Enchant and the customer won't even notice what happened. Eventually their email client will start defaulting to your support address when they type your name.

In most cases, as long as you're using an official email client (web interface, mobile apps, etc), simply forwarding to your inbox address should work. If you notice that your manual forward into Enchant does not result in the customer being set correctly, please reach out to us at help@enchant.com so we can support this feature for your email client.