Managing mailboxes or teams using inboxes

An Inbox represents a brand, a mailbox or a team of people. Each inbox has it's own configuration and team members.

Managing inboxes

Add and update inboxes from the admin area.

From the top right navigation bar, click the cog icon

Click on Inboxes

Adding or removing users from an inbox

When editing an inbox, select the Permissions tab on the sidebar. Then, click Add User in the Users section and select a user:

To remove a user, click the remove link beside the user's name.

General email settings

Whenever a user sends a reply in Enchant, the system uses the email settings of the inbox the ticket is associated with.

User From Name

This controls what name your customers will see in the "From" field when a user sends an email from the system.

Placeholders that are available for the User From Name field:

  • {{user.first_name}}: First name of the user
  • {{user.last_name}}: Last name of the user
  • {{user.first_initial}}: First initial of the user
  • {{user.last_initial}}: Last initial of the user

In the default configuration, Enchant uses placeholders to insert the user's full name. If you prefer to only show your company name in the "From" field, you can update the value of this field to your company name.

System From Name

This controls what name your customers will see in the "From" field when an automated email (like an auto reply) is sent by the system.

Email Address

The emails address that your customers will see in the "From" field for all emails they receive from this inbox.

Receiving email

Enchant provides a forwarding address for each email address (eg: help@your-domain.com) that you manage using Enchant. To get your email into Enchant, you would setup your email address to automatically forward to the corresponding forwarding address.

If you have additional email addresses that get delivered to the same inbox, you should setup aliases for these in the Forwarding Addresses section of the Sending / Receiving tab:

Sending email

Enchant can either send email through it's own servers or through your SMTP servers.

If sending through Enchant's email servers, we recommend adding an SPF record to your domain's DNS settings that says that we'll be sending email on your behalf. Specifically, add the following TXT record:

v=spf1 include:enchanthq.net ~all