Replying to tickets and adding private notes


Replies are sent to your customers as emails from your team email address (eg: support@your-domain.com), as setup in the inbox configuration. Your custom signature is automatically inserted.

Just like a regular email client, you can CC/BCC other addresses and attach files. Drafts are saved automatically while you're typing. You can even save a draft on the mobile interface and pick up where you left off when you get back to your desk!

To your customers, it's just email. They never see a ticket number or have a portal to log in to.

Private notes

Notes are used for internal communication between your team members about a ticket. They are never seen by the customers.

Ticket numbers (eg: #123) inside notes are automatically converted to links.

Formatting text

Enchant uses codes similar to markdown for formatting. These can be used in replies, notes, canned responses & signatures.

Reply faster using canned responses

Canned responses enable your team to use pre-written responses for common questions. While replying, you can insert as many canned responses as you need.

Access them through a popup menu:

Or by searching: