Import data from other help desks

We provide a fully managed data import of customer records and conversations from other popular help desk solutions.

To find out if your current provider is supported or to get started, contact us.

How it works

Though the process for data imports depends on the source, here's a high level outline of what to expect:

  1. You migrate over into Enchant and stop using the old system completely.

  2. You provide access to your data at old provider, either via API key or login details.

  3. We extract data out of the platform and convert it into a format appropriate to import into Enchant.

  4. We import about 100 tickets or so into a temporary account for you to assess any import issues.

  5. Once approved, we load the entirety of the data into into your account.

Is there a limit to how much data can be imported?

We generally don't impose any limits on data imports. Depending on the amount of data, we may ask to not import attachments that are over a few years old.

Can another import be done later to "catch up" the data?

No, an import can only be done once. It is important you completely stop using old provider before we start our data import processes.

Is there a cost for a data import?

No, data imports are free of charge.

To minimize wasted effort, however, we only start our efforts on an import after you have otherwise fully migrated over.

Are imported tickets any different from normal tickets?

Imported tickets look like normal tickets and can be discovered via search or customer history.

However, imported tickets are different from normal tickets in a number of ways:

  • They cannot be changed. The only thing you can to do them is trash them.. This means they cannot be assigned, have labels added or removed, notes added, etc.

  • They do not affect reports.

  • They are not visible in live folders.